The Art of Keeping it cool!


The Art of Keeping it cool!



control systems • keypads • pumps • value added accessories


Control systems

All you have to know on Gecko's control systems: Y series, X series and M and S-CLASS.



All you need to know on Gecko's touchscreen, color or LCD keypads with menu-driven or streamlined interfaces.


A "pumpology 101" crash course on all Aqua-Flo by Gecko Flo-Master and Circ-Master pumps for spas and hot tubs.



All about in.clear, the most efficient, reliable and safest bromine based water sanitation system for spas.

IN.touch 2

Learn how to control a spa from an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet with Gecko’s in.touch 2 remote and apps.


When & where

When & where

2018 tour - selected cities

Make sure to check this list regularly since the schedule is subject to change and new dates, times and venues will be added.
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(dates and locations subject to change)

Atlantic City, NJ

January, 24
The Pool & Spa Show

toronto, canada

March 21
Central Spa & Pool Supply

laval, Canada

April 12
Gecko Depot
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Dover, DE

February 6
Baystate Opportunity day

kitty hawk, nc

November 13
Baystate Pool Supplies

Uncasville, CT

February 27
Baystate Opportunity day

vancouver, Canada

March 29
Aqua Spa & Pool Supply
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Why Participate?

Why Participate?

get the edge of knowing it all!
installation, use, troubleshooting


Presented by Mathieu robitaille

Gecko’s technical seminars are hands-on workshops on everything Gecko: control systems, keypads, pumps and value added accessories. They are designed specifically for spa and hot tub dealers and technicians to help them in their installation and troubleshooting work by learning all about Gecko’s latest products and technology.

Most seminars are conducted in collaboration with Gecko Depot’s authorized distributors.

Gecko’s technical seminars will be scheduled throughout 2019. Consult the list below with times and locations. 




Seminar Chronicles

Seminar Chronicles


Latest seminar for the winter/spring 2018 tour!

Laval seminar

Mathieu recently gave his latest winter/spring 2018 seminar at the Laval Sheraton.  He taught all tricks and details about Gecko’s products like the in.k1000 keypad, in.ye control system, our latest product, the in.grid, without forgetting our in.touch 2 app.

The participants technical questions and their speed for troubleshooting challenged our colleague but all technicians knew how galvanize this last seminar!


Mat's Canadian Tour!


Our Gecko Depot Expert, Mathieu Robitaille, has visited Ontario and the Canadian West Coast recently for some Gecko Seminars, with the help of our friends from Central Spa and Pool Supply and Aqua Spa and Pool Supply.  More than 60 technicians learned a lot about Gecko products with our in.ye, in.k1000 and in.touch ic stations and hands-on.

During these seminars, Mat took time to describe the inner workings of our control systems for spas and hot tubs. Through step by step installation procedures on the in.ye and main circuit boards troubleshooting tips, participants learned a few new tricks of the trade.

Thanks to all who attended!

logo central.jpg

Baystate Opportunity Days


Mathieu Robitaille was very busy last month with its Gecko Seminars during Baystate Opportunity Days.  Several people visited Gecko’s stand and attended his seminars where they learned step-by-step installation and programming procedures of our Y series spa control systems, were made aware of our latest innovations with live demos of our in.touch 2 and in.touch ic apps.

Thanks to Aquatic Parts Company for the hospitality and don’t miss Mathieu’s seminars this month!  He is still on the road! See his schedule here.


WPI’s Training Center in Lyon


About 100 technicians had the chance to be trained by our colleague Richard Lachance throughout the WPI’s training week in Lyon, France.  Trevi and Dynasty’s dealers and technicians had the chance to learn more about Gecko’s latest innovations : our in.ye and in.yt control systems, our in.touch 2, the ultimate mobile remote control for spa, the in.mix 300, our lighting control console for your spa and Gecko’s outdoor audio, the in.stream 2.

Thanks to the World Pool Innovation team for the warm welcome! 

Photo credit: Gecko Alliance & WPI


Virginia Beach Spa Seminar


On November 15th and 16th, Mathieu was in Virginia Beach for a technical seminar powered by Baystate Pool Supplies, a family-owned wholesale distributor of pool & spa products and parts.  A lot to show with our spa control systems, pumps, in.touch 2, in.touch ic and more!

We also gave an in.ye bundle and an in.touch 2.  Congrats to our winner,  Marc Layton from Layton's Pool Service! 
(With JR Arakelian of Baystate Pools and our own Mathieu Robitaille on the picture).


Presenting in.touch 2 at the ACPQ's Are you connected? conference.


March 23rd, in Brossard, QC, Mathieu talked in.touch 2 at the Are you connected? conference of l’Association des commerçants de piscines du Québec. During his presentation in front of 40 members, Mathieu demonstrated that the in.touch 2 transmitters and iOS or Android applications with push notifications make it very easy to control and program functions and features of a spa from a smartphone or a tablet, even when a user is away from home.

Gecko Alliance’s in.touch 2 wireless remote control for spas and hot tubs features the simplest of setups, a strong and long range signal and state-of-the-art apps.

Click here for more info.



WPI "Clinique du Spa" in Lyon: A success!

After three intensive months, WPI's Clinique du Spa in Lyon closed its door on March 17th and the success was there from the beginning! 417 professionals assisted to the various training sessions and the World Pool Innovation's team had positive reviews from them.

It wasn't possible for you to be there?  No worry!  Other seminars are scheduled in May and WPI will start again in October for a few months to present to you the new releases we are working on now.

clinique du spa WPI
WPI logo

Our seminar goes Canadian West Coast


A responsive crowd in Nanaimo, BC, on March 14th, kept Mathieu on top of his game with interactive sessions about our Y series control systems, in.touch 2, in.clear, pumps, troubleshooting and other accessories.  All the possible configurations and programming were covered for them.

Presented by Aqua Spa & Pool Supply, this was our first stop out of two on the West Coast for this March.

logo Aqua


The Hydropool World Conference

The best place to escape from the Quebec’s snow?  Dominican Republic!  David McClure and Louis-Philippe Legaré are at the Hydropool World Conference to show to registered dealers and technicians our new products, to sponsor the event and, of course, enjoy the scenery of Punta Cana.

They will come back from their feet in the sand to their feet in the snow!


WPI's « Clinique du Spa » in Lyon


For the next three months, about 200 retailers will come over the new WPI Training Center,   « La Clinique du Spa » (Spa clinic) in Lyon, France.  Pascal Mathys, our European Specialist in Customer Support, began the formations a few days ago.  Dynasty and Trevi's dealers and technicians, who will come by « La Clinique du Spa », will learn more about our in.k1000, in.xm, in.therm, in.stream 2, in.p4, in.xe and in.k800.

Welcome in our world and hope to meet you there!



Training in Yeovil, England

On Friday, December 2, Louis-Philippe Legaré was at work to show our new products, in the enchanting decor of the Haselbury Mill hotel in England.

About 50 persons where there for the annual convention.  Thanks to all!



2016 technical seminars tour is well under way 

The Gecko Alliance 2016 technical seminars tour is well under way with stops made in Atlantic City (nj), Dover (de), Uncasville (ct), Midland (ont), Laval (qc) and Quebec City (qc).

Mathieu Robitaille, sometimes assisted by Pierre-Alexandre Morin, is presenting hands-on workshops on everything Gecko: control systems, keypads, pumps and value added accessories to spa and hot tub dealers and technicians to help them in their installation and troubleshooting work by learning all about Gecko’s latest products and technology.

An interactive experience for all participants with both substantial and in-depth exchanges, sharing of field experiences, hands-on exercises and focused discussions.

Next stops are scheduled for April 12, in Langley (bc) and April 14, in Kelowna (bc) with Aqua Spa & Pool Supply.



Technical Seminar Tour makes a stop in Calgary!


April 15, Gecko’s technical seminar tour made a stop in Calgary for a full day of training presented by Aqua Spa Pak.

This stop kept Mathieu on top of his game with a lengthy presentation focusing on the Y series of control systems, covering all the possible configurations and the programming, in front of very knowledgeable and experienced attendees that asked all the right questions.

This date coincided with a game day of the ongoing NHL series. To quote Mathieu: "At the end of the day, we all were winners! I mean, the session was great, the audience was outstanding and both the Habs and the Flames won!"  




ACPQ Training day

March 18, Mathieu Robitaille made a stop at Brossard’s Dix30 Alt hotel to deliver a 2-hour technical seminar sponsored by ACPQ. The main purpose of his presentation was to share and discuss troubleshooting techniques on the most common problems found in electronic controls for spas and hot tubs.

Mathieu commented that it was “quite liberating” to be able to do the presentation in his mother tongue even if, in french, a “pressure switch” remains a “pressure switch”.

Thanks to the ACPQ team for the invitation and, of course, to the members who attended Mathieu’s seminars.

ACPQ's web site: http://www.acpq.com



Ontario Tour with Central Spa & Pool Supply


First week of March, Central Spa & Pool Supply and Gecko Depot hit the Ontario roads for the Art of Keeping it Cool Technical Seminar Tour with stops in Ottawa, Toronto and London where more that 100 spa dealers and technicians filled the rooms to assist to our presentation on everything Gecko.

To provide a real hands on experience, attendees in teams of 2, could use in.ye-5 simulators to learn, configure, test and try Gecko controls and systems and perfect their troubleshooting know-how and techniques.

We want to thank Central Spa & Pool Supply for their continuous support and commitment and we would like to mention their upcoming 25th anniversary, in 2016, and the launch of their eCommerce web site dedicated to spa dealers and technicians at www.centralspaandpoolsupply.com



 Baystate Opportunity Day, Uncastville, CT

Feb 10th 2015, Mathieu, from Gecko Depot, was in Connecticut for the Baystate Opportunity Day at the Mohegan Sun Casino. Despite the snow storm that hit the area the previous day, it was a great opportunity to meet technicians, spa dealers and trade professionals and present Gecko's new Y series of retrofit packs. 

Mathieu gave two 2 hour sessions where he reviewed all about Gecko's Y series: model selection, installation, use, test, troubleshoot and useful tips.

Next event is another Baystate Opportunity Day scheduled February 24 in King of Prussia, PA. Click here for more info.